The Top 5 Casino Wins in History

It is without a doubt that winning the dollars at your local casino sounds like a dream come true. For most it is only a dream, but every so often a rare case of winning the riches is reported. Whenever it does occur, day-to-day individuals are infused with excitement and some spend even the last of their dollars to play the game. Sometimes, even failing multiple times, with only a glimpse of hope to win, is more satisfying than losing the playing entry fee.

  1. Archie Karas – The swift hand of poker

With the biggest recorded win in history, Archie Karas, who is also known as the king of casinos, was made quite famous with his wins in 1992 to 1995. He decided that the losing $50 in order to gain so much more was worth it and won $40 million all together. His reluctance to lose was inspiring and lured people to the idea that they can win such large amounts of money. However, it is still gambling and in that same breath, Archie lost all of the money that he once won. He always raised the stakes even more.

  1. Kerry Packer – High stakes blackjack and baccarat

In a record time of 40 minutes, a man by the name of Kerry Packer, won between $25 million dollars. Playing in Las Vegas, he was definitely not one of the slot players and betted up to $250 000 per table. He seems to have taken a lot of risks, but it definitely paid off. Unlike Mr. Archie Karas, he knew when to stop and overall won $20 to $40 million.

  1. Elmer Sherwin – The megabucks slots

Could luck strike twice? Or, is it possible for a machine to be so lucky that it chooses the same person to win twice. Apparently, the answer is yes. One very ordinary day in 1989 Elmer Sherwin, experienced his first winning of $4.6 million and in 2005, $2.1 million. That is one lucky 92-year old. Many have played the same machine in hope to duplicate his stroke of luck and winnings, but so far no luck. It seems to only be reserved for the man himself.

  1. Don Johnson – Blackjack

Known for negotiating the games rules as his intended technique, this man was quite the regular on the Blackjack tables. He was very strategic with raising his bets at the appropriate time and would go as far as doubling it on many occasions. In some instances he would bet up to $25 thousand, which allowed him to multiply his dollars quite vastly. In only six months, he earned up to $15 million from various casinos.

  1. Mike Ashley – Roulette. Not the Russian type.

A very famous Mike Ashley, was already famous when he made waves after playing a game of roulette and winning an estimated 1.6 million pounds in only three hours. He had a very clever trick of betting on all possible combination numbers. Of course, with strategy and added lick, he dropped to the 17th slot, turning 480 000 pounds into the grand total of 1.6 million pounds.

If only winning was as easy as a stroke of luck. Hence, trying is the only way you’ll ever know.